Sunday, 5 April 2015


Critiques of Peers from Week 6 Presentation

Elliot's Presentation
I think Elliot's design was very effective and the use of 2 different journeys really pushed the idea of his ritual. I think he drawings and render's were effective in telling his design but perhaps needs to consider how he is contextualizing his design in the site. In his presentation his plan and top elevation drawings had the renders overlayed ontop of very large maps making the buildings seem massive compared to the maps, this is something to be reconsidered for his finals.

Christian's Presentation
I enjoyed Christian's design and thought it conveyed the ritual idea effectively. I think her drawings are very good with the use of texture and colours but one thing that struct me while looking at them was the sense of depth. I think she needs to play close attention to perspective and light values to create this depth. That the closer the object the darker it is and as it gets further away the object will appear lighter.

I think her model of the glass and wood walkway was very elegant and the use of it in her perspective was very effective.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

A walkthrough of my project in CryEngine.

Plan, Section & Perspectives
To refine my design I have added in the brick wall on one side to show where the boundary is for 20 Wallace street, I then compacted my design so that it could all fit within the site. I added a walkway from the second bedroom, down under the house and up under the dream space so that a person could walk from start to finish through the space and experience the whole journey. For the walkway I wanted to introduce the 1m x 1m squares in a realistic sense so I created a spiral staircase pattern with them so the subject would be introduced to them with a realistic purpose for them later on to be bent into the surreal sense. I made the start of the walkway lit with warm inviting lights so they would start the journey, as they venture down the path it gets darker until almost complete darkness. As you walk from this dark hallway you approach the dreamspace and are bathed in bright florescent lights in different saturated colours. As you first enter the dreamspace you cannot see any of the house but as you move about the dreamspace the house is slowly revealed to you so there is a direction for your journey. As you enter the house I lit the bedroom with warm soft lighting similar to that of the start of the walkway so that you are drawn to the bedroom where the journey is finished. 

If the plan & section are printed out in A3 paper they will be 1:100 scale.

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Here are some pictures from my 1-20 timber frame room and 1-50 model of my design.

Conceptual Model

1:20 Timber Frame Model
Since in scale the balsa wood I had was 90mm I decided to use 90mm-70mm studs, therefore the spacing between studs would have to be 400mm. I choose to make my walls 3m high instead of the 2.4m that was circled in the tables that were given to us hence the 2 dwangs per wall.